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How to Support

The Henderson County Public Library Foundation's campaign seeks donations to outfit the new library addition with a variety of fixtures, art, and equipment. Pledges of $1,000+ will get their name on the "Bookshelf."
The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.

Did You Know?


Previous Foundation Campaigns


This first project, completed in 1995, allowed the Library to purchase computer equipment to automate access to all Library information. It involved the one-time electronic cataloging of the entire library collection.

Growing to Meet Our Children's Needs

The Foundation's second project, completed in March 2000, increased the size of the Children's Library from 1,100 to approximately 3,400 square feet. The expanded facility allowed the library to offer more early literacy programs designed to nurture a lifetime love of reading and to instill an understanding that reading is the key to education and self-improvement throughout life.

Other Projects